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Basic Computer Skills

Using a Mouse and Keyboard


This class is for the earliest beginner and provides a fun way to learn basic skills needed to operate a personal desktop computer or laptop in a relaxed environment using interactive games and one-on-one instruction.


Windows 11

Learn the basics of the Windows 11 operating system that powers most desktop and laptop computers. This class is designed for beginners and offers a look into how computers work and provides an overview of some of the most common and useful computer applications.


Navigating the Internet

This class offers information about different web browsers and helps to develop basic web-surfing skills. This class also offers provides tips for Internet safety and security.

Social Media

Learn the fundamentals of the most common social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more, with an emphasis on social responsibility and stopping the sp

read of inaccurate and harmful information.



We’ll help you navigate the various email options available and walk you through the creation of your own web-based email account.

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