Learning Center
       a division of the 21st Century Council

Individually Managed Personal Achievement and Career Training
Ready to Work

This FREE career preparation course has helped hundreds of Alabama trainees acquire employment knowledge and skills.

Customer Service Workshop

A fun and interactive workshop, designed to point out the importance of ‘Wow’ Customer. Learn the professional way to handle ‘not so nice’ customers and ‘sticky situations’.  Discover how your ATTITUDE changes the bottom line of any business.  For top and middle management as well as front-line employees.


CHOICES is an interactive, decision-making workshop that empowers teens to achieve academic success in pursuit of their career and life aspirations. For more info on CHOICES click here.

ACT Prep

Allows students the opportunity to practice and prepare for the ACT exam. Students utilize a computer software program to increase their ACT scores for college admittance.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Training is provided in a workshop setting. Students are taught how to utilize " 7 Habits" in their daily lives. This program is available for teenagers, adults, and families.

"Exit Exam" Remediation

This program is provided to high school students who need to prepare for the "Exit Exam". Students participate after regular school hours, for their own achievement.

Career Counseling

"Career Counseling" allows individuals to use the resources of the IMPACT Learning Center to prepare for entering the workforce or changing careers.  Materials available include: books, tapes, computers, and individual one-on-one counseling.

Job Training Classes

These classes allow individuals to prepare for moving into the workforce. Resources include resume` writing, dress for success, interview skills, application completion, and test taking skills.

Keyboard Skills

This program offers an opportunity to learn or improve keyboard skills. Start from the beginning or brush up. Students are allowed to work at their own pace.

Adult Business/Conversational Spanish

Offered as a means to bridge the communication gap between the Spanish population and the business community.

Career Building Workshops

The 21st Century Council partners with local industries and businesses to conduct workshops. Available topics include: effective communication, conflict resolution, and middle management training.

Résumé Writing

Participants learn to research and prepare different types of résumés and cover letters.

Interview Skills

Individuals prepare for the interview process by using: videotapes, reading materials, and mock interviews.

Sales & Use Tax Seminar

The main emphasis is to train local tax filers the proper way to file sales and use tax in the beginning.