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Individually Managed Personal Achievement and Career Training
Workforce Development:

Workforce Development and the Workforce Investment Act
A website about the WIA from general information, services, to education, accountability and  skill development.

SETA- Southeastern Employment and Training Association
A professional organization promoting workforce development excellence and professionalism.

"Worlds of Opportunity" Career Expo.
The purpose of the Expo is to create awareness about career options among students and educators while addressing workforce needs in the Mobile region.

Discover Your Skills
The Discovery Channel's guide to employment featuring Mike Rowe.

Education Related Sites:

Scottsboro City Schools
Homepage for the schools in Scottsboro. This site has links to all the schools, interesting and useful sites for students, parents, and teachers.

Accrediated Online Degree Programs
This page will walk you through the difference between college accreditation for a whole institution, such as regional accreditation, and accreditation for a specific degree program or department, often called programmatic accreditation.

Scottsboro Electric Power Board
This has the MUCH needed daily school lunch menu, plus information, and links to many useful and local sites.

Internet site for K-8 - Has kids, parents, and teacher areas. Everything from Math games to parent/student challenges.

Math Goodies is a free educational web site featuring interactive math lessons, homework help, worksheets, puzzles, message boards, and more!  We have over 400 pages of free math activities and resources for students, teachers, and parents.

Free educational materials and resources to students, teachers and parents.

Site that swims with learning fun.

CoolPlays Kidzone 


SurfNetKids - Tetris
Online TETRIS game (my favorite of all times)
Yahoo K-12 Education
Yahoo's education page tons of education related  

Harry Potter:

SurfNetKids - Quidditch
Quidditch game

SurfNetKids - Harry Potter Puzzles
Jigsaw puzzle of books 1 & 2 covers

SurfNetKids Fill It Up Game
Fill it up game


SurfNetKids - Multiplication
Multiplication flashcards

SurfNetKids - Addition
Addition flashcards 

SurfNetKids - Subtraction
Subtraction flashcards 

English as a Second Language



A reading incentive program for K-8




In depth maps for weather

Long range forecast
On line dictionary for technical terms

Price comparison