Learning Center
        a division of the 21st Century Council

Individually Managed Personal Achievement and Career Training
CHOICES is an interactive, decision-making workshop that empowers teens to achieve academic success in pursuit of their career and life aspirations.

In one 90 minute session, local business and community volunteers take students through real-world exercises on academic self-discipline, time and money management, and goal setting. Students discover that they can take charge of their lives.

The IMPACT Learning Center has presented the CHOICES program to 15 schools in Scottsboro and Jackson County since 2003 with over 3100 students and over 70 presenters partipating.  This program has made some students think twice about their educational career goals.
CHOICES is presented at the 6th grade level  since these students are old enough to envision the future, yet young enough to develop positive skills and habits for success in high school and beyond.

The Scottsboro and the Jackson County Schools presentations are made once a year.  Local business leaders and volunteers lead these students through the activities with much enthusiasm.  We hope this experience will challenge each student to reach the key of success by making the correct CHOICES in life---after all THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS SELF-DISCIPLINE. 

To learn more about the CHOICES program visit their web site at CHOICES.ORG.

Funding for IMPACT's participation in the 2019 CHOICES program is being provided  by GOOGLE as presenting sponsor and support from West Rock, Redstone Federal Credit Union, and Scottsboro Family Pharmacy.